The Velociteers
The Velociteers were Auckland's premier synchronised cycling group. Performances included Art in the Dark (2010-2014), Sustainable Business Awards, 350 Aotearoa Moving Planet Day,
TelstraClear Bridge Challenge, the Telecom Christmas Tree at Wynyard Quarter, Ciclovia on Quay, Feb 2014, White Night Auckland's K Rd, 2016. 

One of our members, Ruth Barton, helped to direct 'The Velociteers', a 14-min documentary that premiered at the Show Me Shorts Festival, 2012. We also featured in 'Along for the Ride', TV One, March 2015.

Avant-garde theatre
I was a performer with MAU Dance company from 1995 to 2011.
In 2008 I was also tour manager and administrator.

2011 | ‘Tempest: Without a Body’ - Singapore Arts Festival (May); TransAmeriques, Montreal (June)
2011 | ‘Tempest: Without a Body’ - Million Dollar Theater, Los Angeles; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire (Apr)
2010 | ‘Tempest: Without a Body’ - Teatro Arsenale, Venice Biennale; Playhouse, Edinburgh International Festival; Volksbuhne, Berlin Tanzimaugust (Aug)
2009 | ‘Tempest: Without a Body’ – Aotea Centre, Auckland (Mar)
2008 | ‘Requiem’ – Lincoln Center for the Arts, New York (Aug)
2008 | ‘Tempest II’ - Brussels, Lisbon, Salamanca, London (May-Jun),  Zurich (Aug)
2007 | ‘Requiem’ – Southbank, London International Festival of Theatre (L.I.F.T) (Jun)
2006 | 'Requiem' - Sky City, Auckland (Oct); New Crowned Hope Festival, Vienna, KVS, Brussels (Nov)
2005 | ‘Paradise’ - Stuttgart, Holland Festival, Amsterdam
2004 | ‘Idomeneo’ –  with Auckland Opera, Auckland Town Hall
2003 | ‘Paradise' – Sky City Theatre, Auckland; Tjibaou Cultural Centre, Noumea; Teatro Arsenale, Venice Biennale; Papeete, Tahiti
2003 | Womad - Taranaki
2000 | ‘Boneflute ivi ivi’ – Maidment Theatre, Auckland
1999 | ‘Rise’ – Wintergarden, Auckland
1998 | ‘Ava’ – Maidment Theatre, Auckland
1998 | ‘Sacred Hill’ – Taupo Arts Festival
1997 | ‘Illumina’ – Taki Rua Theatre, Wellington
1995 | ‘Illumina’ – Herald Theatre, Auckland

Acting extra work
During the 1980s and 90s I appeared as an extra in numerous TV shows, commercials, stills and films, including Queen City Rocker, Billy T James Show, Funny Business, Hercules, Shortland Street (featured role), Comedy Central, The Ugly, Crimewatch reinactment, 60 Minutes reinactment, Pio Comedy Show


The Velociteers

'Tempest' - Teatro de São Luiz, Lisbon. Photos by Maria Soares

'Difficult Easy Listening' - Nonplace album cover, 2004

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